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VW Service Schedule

Check operation of instrument gauges, ABS and all warning lights and horn•••Check operation of air conditioning ••

Interim FULL
Check and advise on timing belt replacement interval (replaced at extra cost)
Check vehicle exterior for any damage to bodywork, trim, lamps, number plates and mirrors
Check previous vehicle history note any previous recommendations or driver requests
Check brake fluid condition, top up or replace if due (extra cost)
Check clutch fluid condition (if applicable) top up or replace (extra cost)
Check power steering fluid condition (if applicable) top up or replace (extra cost)
Check battery condition, terminals and security
Check operation of interior lights
Check pollen/cabin filter and replace
Check operation and travel of handbrake
Check brake pedal operation and travel
Check antifreeze condition and top up
Check fuel cap condition
Check operation of exterior lights
Check condition of windscreen and all glass
Check condition of front and rear (if fitted) wiper blades and operation of washers, top up screen wash
Check condition and operation of all seatbelts, buckles and stalks
Visually inspect HT leads and distributor cap (if fitted) for cracks and wear
Lubricate throttle cable and linkage (if applicable)
Check operation of cooling fan
Check (where fitted) power assisted steering belt or auxiliary drive belt for condition and adjustment
Replace air filter
Check operation of clutch
Lubricate doors, bonnet, tailgate hinges and catches
Visual check of driver and passenger airbag for external damage
Test starter motor cranking operation & security
Check coolant system for leaks
Check operation of locks & keys
Replace spark plugs (petrol) if due / Long life or Platinum Plugs extra charge.
Check gearbox man/auto and rear axle (if applicable) oil and fluid levels and top up or replace (extra cost)
Replace fuel filter for diesel engines
Check front and rear shock absorber, suspension and mountings, for wear, condition and leakage
Check security and condition of brake pipes, flexible hoses and handbrake cables
Inspect rear wheel cylinders/callipers (if fitted) for condition and leakage
Check condition and security of steering rack suspension, mountings and gaiters
Check track rod ends, ball joints for condition wear and security
Check wheel bearing for excess play or noise
Check all tyres (inc. spare) for condition and wear, check and adjust all tyre pressure
Check drive shaft joints for wear and gaiter condition and prop shaft joints for wear and condition
Drain engine oil, use flushing oil and drain, replace sump plug
Replace oil filter
Renew engine oil (note long life, low ash and specialist oil extra cost)
Check security and condition of fuel lines
Check exhaust system condition, security and leakage
Check and inspect under body of vehicle for corrosion or damage
Carry out any extra checks as per manufacturers schedule
Check for any visible signs of brake fluid leakage on front and rear back plates (wheels removed)
Remove front and rear wheels, refit and ensure wheel nuts torqued as per manufacturers spec.
Check and record tyre tread depth on all tyres inc. spare
Check engine and gearbox mountings for security and wear
Visually inspect radiator/cooling system for leaks and check condition of hoses
Check front and rear brake pads, discs, shoes and drum condition and measure thickness (wheels removed)
Visual check only of front and rear brake pads and discs (wheels not removed)
Carry out road test
Carry out diagnostics check
Reset service level indicator (where applicable)
Stamp service book
Check exhaust emissions and idle speed